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byc debit fnb

byc debit fnb

BYC debit from fnb

Customers who allege money was taken from their accounts due to unauthorised byc debit from FNB will find a slew of complaints online, if you search for the word “byc debit fnb.” 

This is something that many FNB clients have experienced. When you check your messages first thing in the morning, you notice that at byc debited R10.04, R5, R15 without your permission.

What is BYC debit FNB?

According to FNB. The acronym BYC stands for “Bank Your Change.” This is a tool that saves your “spare change” into a Savings Account automatically. You can set the amount of change to be R2, R5, R10, R20, or R50 for every card transaction, and we’ll immediately send it to your savings account. 

How to stop BYC debit FNB

If you like, you may stop the BYC debit. Please follow the instructions below to do this using our digital banking channels App.

•Launch the Banking App

•Select Login

•Enter Online Banking Password or Biometrics

•Click on the Login button

•Pre-selected and/or Pre-approved offers will be displayed should the client qualify for any offers

•Select your Savings account

•Select Account options from the toggle

•Select Bank Your Change

•Update the Amount, select Update

•Tick the check box to accept T & C’s

•Select Confirm

•Bank your change successfully updated

Online Banking

How to Maintain your Bank your Change Top-Up Amount

1.Click on the My Bank Accounts tab and, if it isn’t already selected, click on the My Accounts sub-tab.

2.The accounts linked to your profile will be displayed.

3.Click on the Account Name hyperlink of the respective Savings Pocket.

4.The Account Settings dashboard will be displayed.

5.In the Your Account section, click on the Manage button for Bank your Change.

6.The Bank your Change capture page will be displayed.

7.Select your Top-Up Amount from the drop-down menu; this is the amount that will be debited to the respective Cheque Account, in addition to the rounding up of the cents, every time you swipe your card.

8.Click on Update.

9.Before you can continue, you will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions.

10.Click on Submit.

11.The results page will display the status of your request.

12.Click on Finish to complete the process.