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Security Camera Installers

Security Camera Installers

We provide professional video surveillance camera systems, our professional trained installers and technicians will give you the latest high-tech equipment designed to meet the needs of your place.

cctv installations

 Alltechnology is specialise in designing and installing surveillance systems in Johannesburg and and surrounding areas.




cctv installations

IP cameras encode the video signal into IP packets, use the data network (LAN) for the cabling, and have the videos recorded by an NVR (Network Video Recorder) that can be connected anywhere on the network. The IP surveillance system provides the highest quality images available today.

IP CCTV systems have many benefits and functionalities that can only be achieved by digital technology. With high image quality, including HD and now 4K, crystal clear images are captured with true colour representation, making them ideal for seeing true events as they happen or in play back. 

Analog cameras transfer the video signals in analog form (electrical signals), usually use coaxial cables for the cabling, and have the videos recorded by a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), where each single camera is directly connected to the DVR.


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